Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Yes the image of DOCBOT was on a movie screen, but alas it was not a film, but a screen shot. Heck I need to do way more DOCBOT stories or at least finish up the ones in rough form and in my mind before I could even think of another media. Anyways there is a GODZILLA film festival called GODZILLA NIGHT 4 at the BAL THEATRE in San Leandro near San Francisco. This took place in the early evening of June 20, 2015. This image was part of a Kaiju Art contest they had going on. Anyways I entered two images and one had two characters from DOCBOT in it. The image below has Docbot aka Doctor Juan Ortega on the far right and his partner in crime Dr.Hoshi Sakamoto about to face off against some nasty giant monsters in future San Francisco. Anyways I did not win or place in the contest, but I had a fun time creating this image. So below is the image and below it an image of it on the big screen. In fact I was running a bit late so I almost missed it being projected! Also it took me long enough to post about this! Anyways cheers and I will get back to translating those messages from the future. 

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